ELA Mediator - Miss Kerry Wilson

Miss Kerry Wilson
Solicitor (England and Wales/N.I.)
Kerry Hilton Wilson
Strawberry Fields
Egbury Rd

Mediation qualifications held

UK Mediator with a Interpersonal Mediation Practitioner’s Certificate (IMPC), the market-leading professional mediation qualification.
The IMPC qualifies you to be able to resolve any and all types of interpersonal conflict. This includes workplace disputes, family and neighbourhood fall-outs, complaints, and consumer and business conflicts.

Conducts Employment Mediations

Employment Mediation tends to deal with employment relationships that have ended or where tribunal proceedings have been issued or are in contemplation

Conducts Workplace Mediations

Workplace mediation deals with conflict between parties who are still employed


Mediator is experienced

Particular areas of interest or sector knowledge

My qualification as lawyer, behaviour specialist and mediator brings a unique skillset to individual and team dynamics to support and guide them the teams realise their own strengths and re evaluate their own perceptions to resolve conflict including team dysfunction. This includes interpersonal workplace disputes. I have over 20 years experience in companies court, insolvency law, commercial law and experience and qualification in the area of employee rights including discrimination, due to bullying victimisation and unconscious bias. I also teach behaviour and communication to young people in schools.

Locations covered

England - South East and London, England - South West

Training undertaken

LLB (Hons) Solicitor, IMPC Mediator & PCM Model Accredited Trainer.

CMC Registered