ELA & ELBA Joint Webinar: The Implications of Uber and What Comes Next?

Length: 60 mins

Materials for this webinar

2021/2022 Employment status cases - 176 KB (link opens in new window)


This webinar was recorded on 19 April 2021

Speakers: Jason Galbraith-Marten QC, Cloisters, Akash Nawbatt QC, Devereux Chambers; Co-chairs: Emma Clark, Keystone Law and member of ELA Training Committee. Mohinderpal Sethi QC, Littleton Chambers and Vice-Chair of ELBA

ELA and ELBA joined forces to produce this webinar.

In conversation with Jason and Akash:

  • The Uber case and its implications considering in particular:
    • What is the relevance of the written contract and the written terms and conditions?
    • Is there any application to the personal obligation requirement?
    • Is there any impact on employee as well as worker status?
  • Upcoming employment / worker status cases
  • Practical tips on how to run a status case following Uber

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